In-Company Programs

We invite you to converse with us about our different In-company Programs. Our way of creating these valuable experiences begins with organizing the different conversations necessary for understanding your world so as to design a program that will respond to your needs and expectations.
We believe that every organization, project or initiative is a network of conversations that generates and nourishes a network of commitments. The capacity for dialogue is the most valuable of competencies and, at times, the most scarce. It is important that every development initiative begin with moments of careful listening so as to understand both the present reality and the vision of new possibility. It is then really possible to design and implement the steps that will connect them.

Among our different key phrases is

“To live is to change. To grow is to choose, design and act so as to change oneself.”

We offer valuable spaces where choices may be explored and new initiatives designed and put into action.


  • Acceptance of the dynamic nature of every undertaking.
  • Openness to creative change.
  • Structured exploration of possibility.
  • Project design
  • Goal – setting.
  •  Precision in the establishment of tactical steps.

Every program requires a specific design so as to respond to the needs of the context where it will be implemented.

To make contact with us please write to [email protected] or call +5491144056787