The triskelion symbol that we have chosen as our logo for the institute literally means “three-legged,” or three legs in motion. As a Celtic symbol, it holds three major levels of symbolism or meaning.

Firstly, when we observe this symbol, we are taken with the concept of constant forward motion. At this level the symbol represents action, cycles and progress or advancement

At a second level, the three spirals symbolize or represent different possibilities or aspects of human experience. Depending on the era, geographical region and sub-culture, they represent:

The combination of these two components, motion & triad attributes, lead us to the conclusion that this Celtic symbol meaning tells a story of forward motion in the endeavor to reach knowledge and understanding.

On a third level of symbolic meaning one finds the number three as representative of the phases of the moon (new, half and full) Inmany works of alchemical art lunar creatures appear as having three legs. So it is that, when one adds lunar implications to the meaning of the symbol, we find the triskelion representing mystery, intuition, spirituality, the unconscious, wisdom and possibility.

To sum up, triskelion represents personal growth, human development and spiritual advance.